From Religion to Christianity

The Process of Transformation Into the Nature of Christ

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From Religion to Christianity

'The Camp' comprises among other things, personal gratification, religion, culturalism and formalism that are based on human effort and principles, and not on Christ. It is therefore imperative that we live a life that is pleasing to God, one that is according to His standards, if we are to point and introduce others to Christ. This will be achieved, not by being isolated, but rather by being insulated, guarding our hearts and thoughts from ungodly influences. Attempts to combine the godly principles and nature with the human nature and earthly systems will only result in failure. As the Lord said, "You can't pour new wine into old wine skins." It's time to come out of the camp.

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Cleopas Samuel Tichaona Chigwada is an Elder in Christ-in-me Church International, a preacher/teacher of the Gospel of Grace and Shepherd of God's People. He has been in full time ministry for the past five years.

Christ-in-Me Church

Christ-in-me Church International is currently located in Barking London, with plans to move to Southern Africa, and a vision to open branches in Canada, Australia and the USA. The Church is also at an advanced stage in setting out an outreach program for those coming out of prisons, homeless and those living rough on the streets.

History of the Book

As an author, this is Elder Cleopas' first book. A must read for all people, believers and none believers alike, with answers to questions on the purpose of our existence here on earth, what is there after life and how to live a life of fulfillment in God. This book offers readers basic understanding of the meaning of life, the link between the Spirit, Soul and Body of the believer, and how to choose to live right by the grace of God and above temptation and sin.

The bulk of the information in this book is from some of the sermons Elder Cleopas preached on. These include conference speeches, lecture notes used at Theological Colleges, and various gatherings of men, women, and the youth and at Bible study groups over the years. It is his desire to see people embrace the Gospel of God's Grace and be part of the world wide Grace Revolution.

Personal Info

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    Chigwell, England, IG7 4QY


A great book for believers seeking better understanding of the depth of relationship we have with the Father. Understand who you are in God and the depth of relationship we have with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. A must read for the growing Child of God. I highly recommend it to all Christians.

Victor Kwegyir

International Business Coach, Author, Speaker and Publishing Consultant
Pastor Cleopas Chigwada i thank God for using you to write a book that is very relevant to the times we are living in. We are living in a world where sin is looked upon as a human right, what frightens me is some senior church people today look at sin this way. In your book you have clearly pointed out that sin is sin and the solution is Jesus Christ. I wish if all people could be exposed more and more to such literature.

John Dube

Pastor, Christ-in-Me Church
Cleopas Chigwada's book is uniquely illustrative, presenting biblical truths with such simplicity that even new converts can easily grasp them. Those involved with discipling will find this book an immensely useful resource.

Rexford Sam

Social Media Evangelist & Brand-Enhancing Specialist